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Starting point            of new ideas!

That’s what Addtention is. Converting creative ideas into good actions for an effective result.




Corporate identity, packaging, advertisements, copy,
e-commerce, catalogs, productions, consulting etc. 

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About addtention...

…is about me. I’m Harald, graphic designer, art director, photo producer, DTP, web design, direct marketing. I’m born in Holland, worked in many countries in Europe and the US,  but now based in Gällö. Sweden. 

The thing with design is that aside from needing good content and conveying a benefit for the consumer, it needs to be visually interesting. Ultimately I am trying to create a situation where people see the work and make them look twice.

Once I’ve reached that point we’ve pretty well closed the deal.


Successful marketing campaigns and advertising projects all have a few things in common: creativity, strategy, strong branding, and cost-efficiency. Customers think in images, messages, and colors.

The main job of a designer is to transform the message of his client into a successful action for its customers.

Whether they’re individual projects or comprehensive campaigns, the goal for each job is the same:

                  the creation of powerful messages!

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