The story about Brand Imagery


Imagery snow

is not about liking or hating the way an element looks on a page. It’s about digging deeper into a company’s history, mission, and personality, then choosing images that convey them to visitors without words.​

What is brand imagery?

Brand images refer to the distinctive images that consumers associate with a brand and the messages they get from this visual identity.

Let’s use a well-known Dutch brand like HEMA as an example. This is the homepage of their website:

All visual markers of the HEMA brand are present:


          • The distinctive Redbox logo
          • The similar red call-to-action button
          • The red and gold / yellow tones in the hero image
         • The cheerful radiation photo ‘happy-to-shop’


You don’t even have to see the name HEMA to know that this is the website for that company.
That’s what brand images should do. Brand images are something completely different than brand image. Because the terms are so close together, these terms are often confused, or worse, people replace them. Therefore I prefer to talk about brand identity instead of brand image although it is the same.


Brand identity has to do with how the company is perceived by the public. In the case of Hema’s for example, the company is known as a department store  that delivers an affordable and reliable product, that is one of their identity values.

While the brand images you choose for your business can affect how it is perceived, brand identity is a much more encompassing thing with several factors – such as how the company deals with its staff, philanthropic initiatives it pursues, etc.


Why is branding important?

Brand images are very similar to a celebrity’s visual style. Take someone like Mercedes Mason (Swedish – American actress). Description of characteristics, hair, clothing, etc. Mercedes Mason uses her visual style to tell the world and the people who try to hire her who she is! Someone who marches to the beat of her own drummer and what she is

capable of (someone who can play seriously but with

a quirky edge). We use brand images in (web)design

for similar reasons:


to make the right first impression and to set the tone
for our future interactions with consumers’

Brand Imagery

Here are some of the benefits

we can expect from taking the time to properly define our brand images:

  • Our visuals become just as recognizable as the company name or logo.

  • The unique style sets our brand apart from the competition.

  • Every time they communicate with us, we leave a memorable impression to potential customers.

  • We can tell our story without using words.

  • Our design choices evoke nostalgia and other positive feelings in our audience.

  • Recognizable visuals give prospects even more reason to connect with the brand.

Having well-defined brand images can certainly help a business go far. Just remember it has to be authentic and not a formula that has worked for others.

Relatable visuals give prospects even more reason to connect to the brand.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

 Andy Warhol

(American Graphicer, Artist & Movie maker | August 1928 – February 1987)