Corporate Identity


Why you need corporate identity

Corporate identity is one of the most misunderstood terms in business – often confused with, say, logo or brand image, and associated with large-scale businesses in industries such as banking, legal, or technology. However, it is also one of the keywords in brand jargon that is essential to the success of your brand.

Over the years I found out that a lot of companies don’t or even never took their own identity seriously. When they started they had thoughts about their name (well most of them) and they found a nice picture or another logo, copied, changed it a little bit, and well they had a corporate identity, they thought.

Well, I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that and I sure don’t work like that. If you ask me to copy a logo I will give some coins and send you to the nearby copy shop. No, I talk to you, find out who you are and how you want your customers to see your business and then I start thinking and design a corporate identity that will fit your business like a designer suit. A few examples you can look at below. Interested? please mail or call me.


Stationary and more

Corperate identity
Corperate identity service centre

A clean, cold appearance indicates exactly what this company does. anything you can think of they can clean it! Ice cold. That is why I chose this icy look with a clear icon as a logo. At the website same identity. Simple and effective it says exactly the job they are doing.

Corperate indenti sdv site

Jou – Health and beauty

Package design

Work addtention sationary

This company had already a good identity but had no experience with how to transform it into the packaging.


So the question, in this case, was ‘Design a label for our bottles with or healthcare massage oils’.

Yes maybe not everybody thinks about it but your packaging is definitely a part of your corporate identity. 


Don’t just put your logo on it, but get it in line with your identity. People need to recognize your product, even if they don’t see your name or logo.

Corperate identity jou

Style guide marketing

Corporate identity
Corporate identity styleguide

No matter how small or big your business is, it’s so important to keep your identity always consistent. Wehkamp works a lot with external agencies and freelance creatives.

So to keep it easy and clear for everybody I made a style guide about the look & feel of the way how wehkamp communicates with their customers.

Corporate identity

Three different parts that are all part of your corporate identity. It is always a good idea to take a critical look at your communications. Difficult no, important Absolutely!

Once you have your business name and designed or ‘found’ a look. with or without a pay-off. It’s not easy to change it when you’re not happy with it after a while. So it’s important to hire a professional who can help you to translate your thoughts into a good design. So…


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