Vision on design

and marketing

Some say graphic design that’s an easy job! “All you do is stare at the screen (or out of the window) for hours and hours, waiting for a spark of inspiration which does not come until…”  Well, it’s not that easy. However, it does become easier once you understand that you need what I call a ‘creative-combo-package’; a good product (or service), a great message, a good concept (and stick to it), create the perfect image(s), a design to impress and the job is done.

Does not seem so complicated right?

I told you before, everything is design and design is everywhere. Unfortunately, design, like everything else, does not always mean “good and beautiful” and one may ask “why is there so much bad design out there?”

Well again, there are good and bad designers. Most of the time, if it’s bad, it’s cheap and not even worth the paper it’s printed on and lands directly in the good old trash bin of the customers.

Your company deserves better and your customers too. Right? So please take the time to research and find a good professional. Or just contact me!.

Vision addtention

design is not only what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) - Co-founder of Apple inc.

What is a vision?

(in marketing terms)

A vision is the company’s image of the future. To a certain extent, it reflects the development of the company and the direction one wants to take. Addtention’s vision is that we recognize opportunities, utilize opportunities, and ensure those good ideas are realized. Passion for our profession. From this vision arises a mission, together with customers develop a suitable marketing approach that yields results. Results count! Yes may sound strange for a passionate designer, but it doesn’t always have to be beautiful, to be good!

Vision Addtention

Never limit your vision based on your current resources

Michael Hyatt

- CEO and founder of Michael Hyatt & Company

Try to put your vision and the mission that leads to achieving that on paper. I hope you have one, and you’re already striving for it. If you have this you can search for core values. These core values ​​describe how and what your company is, or at least wants to be.

For Addtention I have drawn up the following core values:

• Personal

Addtention is a committed partner for all its relationships

• Convenience

Addtention takes the entire marketing and communication issue off the client’s hands if requested. Call it “one-stop-shop”. From idea to concept to complete production or plan.

• Authentic

Addtention is authentic and wants to realize this for its relations. This means that Addtention stands for: • Reliable • Genuine • Original • Credible • Realistic

If we then take the last step, we add the so-called brand values ​​to the core values. What do you find important what people think of your brand. Which values ​​can you add here? As an example the brand values ​​that I think are important for Addtention:


                      Surprising   •   Quirky  •   Involved   •   Current


Once you have described all of this you can get started. Making a marketing plan is then no longer very complicated. If you still need help or have any questions, please contact Addtention we’ll be glad to help you. If you already have a plan and you’re happy with it but need some help to create a clear and creative presentation on paper or digital, contact me.

the goal is to provide inspiring information
that moves people to action

Former head of Apple Marketing

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