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Web design and development is more than putting your logo, name, and address on the web. If you like to go digital there are a lot of things to think about. You need to have a plan before you start otherwise it will harm your brand more than you would like. Your website is probably the first thing that new clients will see from you. 

There are multiple different kinds of sites but all with the same goal.

‘Giving a clear and powerful message about your business and your products or service.’ 

But it’s not only what you see what is important. Customers need to find you. SEO is also something you have to think about before you start otherwise you’re behind your competitors and that’s something you don’t want!

So let me help you design and develop your website no matter what, a small information site or complex e-commerce with my network I’m sure can help you.  With a powerful SEO strategy at the back-end of your site, they can’t miss you anymore! Interested? Please mail or call me.

recently produced

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Web design camp viking

Camp Viking

Camp Viking needed a brand new site. Fresh, easy to navigate with information about the campsite and de bistro. Of course, the accommodations and the service is the most important but I added a lot of pictures for customers to get an idea of the beautiful nature in the area of the campsite. With over 60.000 visits in 3 months, everybody is happy. Have a look!

Web design visit gallo

Visit Gällö

This was and is a very interesting project. Like visitstockholm or visitostersund, the people of Gällö also wanted something like that. So they asked me to design and develop a website with a lot of information for tourists but also for locals. So we did. There is still a lot of info to put in but you can already have a look at visitgallo.com.

Internet Banners

Product and landingpage banners

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